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live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news at 4:00 p.m. >> our big story at 4:00 p.m. pg&e just released a list of the top 100 and gas sections that the company needs work or careful monitor. and in alameda county, " the few places that need work. most are scattered through livermore, where several of the pipeline had been threatened with ground movement. the section that exploded in san bruno was not on the list because it did not meet the criteria for the top 100. and with the possibility of corruption, the potential for ground movement, or third party- construction. >> that segment of pipe was not on the top 100 list. again, what
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that means is that we have these segments that we are looking at 4 down the road. that we want to make sure that we're planning on for based on the risk factors. that those are the areas that we need to concentrate on, the most. where were not aware of anything in this particular area that would meet this criteria that would make that list. >> pg&e would question if that section of the pipeline did not appear on the list and if that also needs to be completed before it what needs to be improved. the california public utilities commission says that it has pg&e has complied with the top 100 list and it is critically important for the public to of as much reformation as possible. >> we need to make make sure that the public understands what is on that list and does not.
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>> what this list is what the pg&e is tracking the closest to what to work on. first. this is not what is on the list that is dangerous. and if they think that if something is dangerous? the fixer right then it will not go on a list. also, with the regard to san bruno, the pg&e is overs being overseen by the public and tell these. and more information is better in that is why it needs to be released. >> the top 100 changes from year to year and the california public utilities commission is also requesting the last list when a couple of years to see what changes need to be made. pipelines are in san jose. and rob fladeboe is concerned about the intersection on north first street. >> this line most concern near the first street in san jose.
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and they confirmed that pg&e is concerned about a 2600 line is that runs between milpitas and crystal springs reservoir. perhaps he could of been damaged with ground movement and it is in a densely populated area. çcisco systems, and other high- tech office park. the therese like this and thousands of people to light rail-restaurants along the sidewalks. maintenance has been scheduled for 2012 and as people speaking for the mayor, the pg and ease feet are going to be held to the fire to schedule that as soon a fighter for possi. and also, as a second high risk. in a less populated near milpitas/san jose border. in san jose, rob fladeboe. >> and major express lane. this runs the existing carpool lane on a 14-mile stretch of 680
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between pleasanton and milpitas. it allows a solo drivers to wroughokçóqweçççan electronio çdrivers to useç thisñrççmyç oñrtheseçyçççóxdw3"[d1ç%eááhr çdrivers to useç thisñrçokm átjçi] must have a fast track andçó will cost only 30¢-. depending on wheni] you try it.ç and carpal need a zd@ticç shied ççóç$381!-while leaders.w3t(ç okviolators.çç >> and how did everything go this morning? >> over all, we think that things went pretty well considering it was the first day.q there wasç construction r the first entranceç near 84 and it is justñr people marching frm right to left. weç understand that it will be a learningok cue
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and the beginning. w3 >> will beç as bad asçt(çtat xdi]i]ççentranceçw3 confusio >>ççç well, that first entras causingç confusion but we're gou"uz increase our staffing levels. çóbetween the entire enforcement, and a presence, to go on line, toç do research and so you'$jujut fams&iarq)u$ç the route. and duke and operetta that lane,nb safely. >> were good people get those mylar balancxçt(ççgs÷ú?çç u contact them they are more than happy to provide you with out. and even if you through your first one ag# way, they will gì+ çyou another one. and if you ae not going to get charged, unnecessarily. >> and our officers issuing waiting? >> today is a first day and we're 12 hour shifts. from 6:00
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a.m.-çw3w3çç6:00 p.m. andyçe out there and i do not have the numbers had have been issued.ç the main thingxç is traffic safety. we really want to make qu ô toçç precaution. in, ouf those express lanes. and to-pay caution do not crossed the double white line. >> thank you. ♪ >> a live look a outside from our mount pam cam it is a gorgeous sunny skies this afternoon with no fog. while offshore in our current condition because it is going to get a lot warmer today. and was 80 today in santa rosa, 16 warmer in some areas and closer to the coastline, also warmer. 66 in san francisco, 80s inland, and 70's in the south bay. overall, temperatures are 5-15 degrees and the biggest was in santa rosa 16 degrees. nearly 10
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degrees warmer inland and our inland valleys what canç expect tonight andççç intoxdç tomor that fog is going to hugging close to the coast. and as we go into tomorrow, will have that morning fog, breezy in the afternoon and a nice cool off, 5-15 degrees cooler. and as we go towards the week? a nice warm-up in store on thursday.ç your extended forecast is coming up in a bet stay with us.
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> a quick look at the markets, and rob black what happened a great day on wall street? >> basically nothing, no bad economic news and today have the economic rereports, with different regions from the banks. and numbers meeting with thew3çç federal government.ç technically, a breakout which is
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wonderful!iwçç today, tomorrow, perhaps more bullish, happy, news.ç >>ç do think we can[ on purre with the housing numbers? it cannotxd be good. -thursday. >> well as everybodyw3 knows tht but perhaps we can get beyond it. evaluation can be cheap but the economic outlook is not so good. it depends on what he and óñ3 now, h low interest spring theçç ecoy and president barack obama said that he does not hate businesses. and believe it or qnot that wall street heat small businesses. and to piece together these nine small, summer rallyqç time andu! col]l this together? i hopeçóçç so. >>ççñq exçexperts say that 't of the recession and you could have fooled me.u!çqq% and if e has lost itsç valueg3ç and ye still out of work? >> the first is the town hall meeting. with president barack
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obama that i've lost my house, my kids are going toç school ad i doçq+0ç not feel;j: more w. when is it coming? >> ultimately, these recessions ?g@ now, we're going toççñr keept( they fingers crossed into morejeñóws come in. the jobs program coming outçói]çó of million jobs of prt of+ blocymtw3a planzvv: by pre obama--and perhaps more gridlock is what wall street is looking fáforqçóç a. er] ççi] wx isçovo thapççx. madison.ok ÷ c13 automatically.ç >> yes. based on the size of america but some stimulusç for some solar situations, small business discounts. and perhaps f they doçxdxd not have to pay payroll taxes and with the elimination ofv'(m proceçokn profitsñr anything
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million. we should be better off in two years, evenç better. i]ó >> wal-çwçmart? smallçmy sto >> yes, aç typical wal-martzvms 20,000 square feet.ywn to one of dozens were becomefáç;óoçç e myto go to 20,000ç square feet which is like the cbs, right 8.ñ and your typical wal-mart is 200, 000. çand without having o consult the entire city, they're going toç go totdç smaller vs for the retail outlets which is smart. >> with-cvs-rite aid--type stores size...
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♪ >> after aç cool,çxdçó breezyd it is pretty nice out there today. with a look at the golden gate plenty of sunshine and to route to san francisco bay. the fog is spilling back with
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comfortable conditions with 63 at the coastline and 84 inland is the warmest. pretty warm inland, and the north bay, low- and 70'sççké on the shorekçe changesq tomorrow! clearwo#ç tt with mild temperatures and by çw3tomorrow, that fog isñrw1[çç e coastline.i]]yç mitt( should k çbreezy and coolerq%wadç con, 5-15 degrees. we will look at those temperatures and first, the fog forç tomorrow morning.! the coast'e usedçt(skr toxhççt!ñr and pry finally, by noon it will be edging out and pulling back to the east bay shore, the peninsula and the coastline. again, that will be returning back to the coastal and by 3:00 p.m. cooler temperatures to markham with 70's up near santa
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rosa, and low 70's. 59 close to the coast. and low 70's in the south bay. for two consecutive days of cooler weather before start to warm warm-up, and then we are going to see a transition on thursday. checkout friday, saturday, sunday! really heating up to 90 inland and upper 60s close to the coast. >> a purse snatching over the weekend, and haaziq madyun what exactly is the irony connected. >> oakland city council her purse was snatched saturday night as she left this grocery store in for phil ave. that happened to be in her district- fruitvill and if this happened here. because she is a victim of a crime and oaklandon seems ironic. because she recently
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voted for letting off the oakland police officers to reduce the city's budget deficit. also, she was a candidate for mayor of oakland. and has not returned the calls. they're following leads, and they get 40 and bag thieves every day and they treat each one, seriously. >> caltran is now warning drivers to expect delays on interstate-80 with pavement repairs in solano county. will be closed 9:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m. monday-thursday. damaged pavement. dixon ave. also, westbound. the oracle conference is in san francisco this weekend. larry ellison, ceo is showing new machine, with hard work, soccer, and former each
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become a ceo also debuted a new database storage machine. and perhaps auricles relationship with h-p has not fallen apart. and a mutual promotion of beach. >> and after being released, and sarah shourd is thankful for being released and back on american soil. however, she only feels one third free. >> shane and joshed to not deserve to be a and prison one day longer than i was. we committed no crime and we are not spies. we know we intended any harm to the government or the people of iran. we believe a huge misunderstanding led to our detention, prolonged imprisonment. >> after she spoke she was
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hugging her mother and shane, the mother of josh and they're both watching their pictures of the suns. family and they're going to put the two men on trial. the g live loo at the james, and on to the lower. and towards the lower deck is stop and go. we will be right back. found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now. you inhale, they inhale. the results millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke.
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secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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>> time to take a quick look at the mill. this is from in me. she is asking-e-mail, and wise clorox? >> perhaps it is the most boring stock, there is like nothing sexy, like crangrannie pannies >> and there was nothing bad about that, with only 2% growth. it is a tortoise, and it always wins in a slow market. and if the market is up? and clorox
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will guanays dividend and before i was? >> solid dividend. >> a great long-term investment. and to repair that with something like perhaps and clorox is doing great. and with a low beta. and in difficult mary markets? look for a low bidder, like wieta, looked for a utilit >> and with that aspect? >> and 40 " inch? >> and perhaps the will get more? and perhaps a cd system? when the economy is difficult and a full percent unemployment and the state. we mainly put off the discretionary and i have to buy television. >> that is the thing, i do not
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seem so bad the economy is if you're going to best buy. people are going in there. i want to give myself a television. >> if you can snath thperhaps pt that if the economy will recover? then best buy is a great indicator. and also, with the the supplemental products with the i pad, and apple. >> anything best buy is here to stay? >> yes. >> sucircuit city was gone. and you feel like sieducated when yu go to best buy call thanks to their staffs. >> it is a daddy store. we will be right back.
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live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news of 4:30 >> let us directed this developing story on the fatal crash in novado and one high school student was injured. and the fatality. the 60 eight found emptthe five novado students, wh and the alcohol containers found in the gray bmw and also crisis and volunteers. >> and many are arriving to high school, with the they tell me that the parents spend their weekend warning them about the dangers of alcohol and drinking, driving. i spoke to

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